Ocean's 11-Style Theft In PoE Heist

How PoE Gamers Fulfil Their Ocean’s 11-Style Theft In Path of Exile Heist

How To Fulfil Ocean's 11-Style Theft In Path of Exile Heist
Method To Fulfil Ocean’s 11-Style Theft In PoE Heist

Right now, since the new big league, Path of Exile Heist is successfully launched, I am pretty sure all of you guys know what are you going to be in this latest expansion, yes, you will become a thief during PoE Heist league. And now here’s a perfect opportunity for players to pull off their own Ocean’s 11-style theft. Are you ready? now let’s make your childhood dream come true.

Path of Exile Heist now has already released on September 18, 2020, and all gamers could dive into the latest Path of Exile League, of course, that is the game’s version of a season. And the new addition lets players thieve their own way through difficult strongholds, and then reward themselves with some quite unique Path of Exile items.

Now in Path of Exile Heist, gamers have the ability to enter a brand new area named the Rogue Harbour. Over there, players could meet up with different thieves, then players need to hire them for their crew, and then they need to prepare blueprints for those new jobs.

When players fight against monsters in the world of Path of Exile, they will encounter Markers, which is, a brand new currency in PoE, and also, at the same time, Contracts. Consuming a Marker can send players to Rogue Harbour, a place where they can sign Rogue thieves onto their Contract. And, you might have already noticed that each Contract in PoE Heist takes players to a quite different facility, where they will work with their hired Rogues to steal the treasure.

During a Heist, players have to pay attention to an Alert meter on their screen. If you make too much commotion, then the guards might lock down the treasure. Though players could find and plunder treasure rooms inside a heist, they should keep in mind that the Artifact is the primary goal. If players could make it to the Artifact before alerting the guards, then they can steal it smoothly. However, once they pick up the Artifact, then the guards take action immediately. If players try to run away, and finally get rid of those guards, that means they will keep their loot. However, if you did not make it and get killed by those guards, then that means all your loot will be left behind and all of your hard work is totally in vain.

When players start to collect Artifacts, they can simply sell it to the fence in Rogue Harbour, and picking up more Marks, and making their unique way toward a Grand Heist. Usually, Grand Heists are even more complicated, ask more help from Rogues, and provide even much greater rewards, like massive valuable items, and you even do not have to buy PoE currency from outside websites who offer this kind of service like gaming4ez.com and eldorado.com.

Finally, at the end of each Grand Heist, players could select from five unique rewards. Some of these appealing new items include new systems, for example, Alternate Quality Gems and Replica Unique Items. Certainly, they are both new additions to Path of Exile.

Usually, in PoE Heist league, Replica Unique Items take 100 Unique Items, and that is Path of Exile’s Legendaries, and then make slight tweaks. Instead of a bow that often scales off of dexterity, the Replica version of the bow might scale off strength. As you can see, these small tweaks could alter the weapon’s use cases drastically, and that should make the Path of Exile meta more interesting for a few months.

In the latest expansion, Alternate Quality Gems also offers a quite similar idea for skills. Instead of the usual gem quality – which, to some extent, increases a specific aspect in the skill, Alternate Quality Gems take the very same skill, however, increase a different aspect. Here is one example that shows the developer Grinding Gear Games offered us was for a gem where quality normally increases critical strike opportunity. And the Alternate Quality version increases raw attack damage instead.

Another thing that you should remember is these rewards are just unique to Heists, and only one player could get one item from this Grand Heist. In Co-Operation Grand Heists, only those players who signed the contract could pick up a Replica Unique Item or Alternate Quality Gem. But, they can trade any of these PoE rewards to a friend, and your friends can loot treasure rooms inside Heists. The developer Grinding Gear Games hopes a kind of tit-for-tat approach to Co-Operation, a thematically appropriate “you scratch my back, and then I’ll do the same thing for you” approach to alternating heists.

Moreover, Path of Exile Heist also introduces the very first new gear slot in Path of Exile history: the trinket. For PoE Heist, the trinket slot only improves various Heist-related mechanics. However, according to Grinding Gear Games, the studio wants to use Heist as a kind of testing ground just for trinkets. If a lot of players enjoy this new mechanic, then it might come to the game as a permanent fixture in the upcoming future.

Just as always shows, the update of PoE Heist comes with the additional quality of life feature for the rest of PoE. The developer Grinding Gear Games just improved some of this game’s Curses, and a lot of different aspects of Steel spells.

With Path of Exile Heist, PoE also gains Mac OS support. And that is to say, players will not need to start over on Mac platform, and they can use their Path of Exile account to jump between the two versions of that game, maintaining their progress wherever they try to play. Heist now is already available on Windows PC and Mac, and in the meantime, you also can play this game on consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

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