2020 Path Of Exile We Have Known So Far

The Future Of Path Of Exile That’s Have Been Spoken To The Public

Path of Exile Already Announced Info.

It’s common to know that Path of Exile is a free action Role-Playing Game (usually abbreviated as aRPG) which was developed by the New Zealand company Grinding Gear Games. Launched in 2013, currently, a lot of players have already viewed this game as the spiritual successor of Diablo II. The game was well received at the time and it has since acquired millions of faithful players and a strong fan base. With such a good marketing response, Path of Exile has also launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, making it a multiplatform game. With the upcoming sequel Path of Exile 2, a lot of gamers are waiting for new information on the future launch of the game anxiously. And here we will share what’s already known so far.

The very first one is Path of Exile Mac Version:

If you are happened to be a Mac user, well, here is some great news! Just as announced last year, Path of Exile now is already available on Mac from September 11, 2020. When it comes to the mobile versions, unfortunately, there’s no launch date announced, either for iOS and Android. No matter on Mac or on other platforms, Path of Exile does not change too much, which means you still need to collect as much Path of Exile Currency as possible to proceed with this game smoothly.

The second one is Path Of Exile 2:

I am pretty sure that this is 100% the most awaited update for massive Path of Exile gamers. It’s not a new game, but it’s so much more than just a regular expansion. The studio Grinding Gear Games took a quite different method: allow for both campaigns to be played, and what’s more, combining them into one game. Players will be able to select whether to play the old campaign or the new campaign for the game since PoE 2 will have the same client so it will work more like an expansion than anything else.

The fact is, Andy Chalk from PC Gamer has already reported in November last year about the Path of Exile 2 upcoming changes. It will be a complete overhaul, though you will be able to carry your old stuff. So, for instance, your cosmetics or your PoE currency will still be safe, which is great! according to the official Path of Exile website, changes in the core systems include:

*A brand new storyline alongside the original campaign (both lead to the very same endgame)
*Engine improvements (especially in the physics of the game)
*Brand new ascendancy classes
*Brand new skill system

According to the official team said that a beta version would be available by late 2020, but then the COVID-19 happened and the PoE beta version had to be delayed to 2021. At the same time, they are concentrated on working on PoE leagues and delivering them on time, which in turn, of course, delays the sequel.

The third one is Now What Can You Do?

Right now, there’s not too much to do other than play the new expansion Path of Exile: Heist League and hoping that a beta version will come in early 2021. As you can see, the team works on a 13-week development cycle, however, because Harvest took 14 weeks, that means you should expect a slight delay for the December expansion, although nothing is confirmed so far. Mac users now can play Path of Exile, which is, to some extent, pretty good news!

Even though the PoE 2 beta is now expected only by 2021, this winter will still be an exciting time for PoE gamers, so buckle up for new content coming your way!

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